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The Vault - Full access

BIBB - Design driven business intelligence
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Wireframe, Prototype, Document, and Build for Power BI

With this PBI Figma UI Kit, you can create amazing designs quickly, wireframe your Power BI report, and show prototypes to customers without spending hours building in Power BI. It's easy and fast to create unique designs with this tool.


Create wireframes to get a general sense of the layout, hierarchy, and flow of a Power BI report or dashboard before investing time and effort into designing and building it.


Test out your ideas before investing a lot of time and resources into developing the actual BI report by quickly creating a prototype, receiving prompt feedback, and making changes accordingly.


Documentation is not fun but is essential to the project's success as it provides a clear overview of the project scope and requirements and helps ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

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Figma design kit with hundreds of premade drag and drop components.

Figma design kit
Figma design kit with hundreds of premade drag and drop components.
PBI projects
PBIT projects to support your project management and customer offering: JIRA, Clockify, and more to come
PBI templates
Predesign templated to wow your internal and external customers.
More files
HTML, JSON, and other files to help you deliver a design driven BI Project
White label
Customize the kit to your company branding.
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